Where to Buy Gnosis (GNO) Coin

What is Gnosis (GNO) Coin

Gnosis is focused on building a prediction market platform on Ethereum. The platform effectively aggregates all relevant information about any future event’s outcome from the open market via oracles, while ensuring decentralization and access to global liquidity. Gnosis offers a variety of products including Gnosis Safe, Gnosis Protocol, and GnosisDAO, allowing users to create, trade, and hold digital assets on Ethereum.

GNO is the utility and governance token of the platform and has the following use cases:

  • Governance: Users can vote on network governance proposals via the GnosisDAO. A minimum of 1 GNO is required to participate.
  • Protocol fee: On each trade, the Gnosis DEX protocol charges a 0.1% trading fee. Users can pay the fee using GNO tokens.
  • Liquidity mining: Users can contribute liquidity to GNO pools on DEXes (i.e. Uniswap) to earn a share of the DEX transaction fees.

The protocol consists of the following major components working in conjunction:

  • Gnosis Protocol V2: A second-iteration DEX (CowSwap) that leverages batch auctions to offer miner extractable value (MEV) protection, and integrating with liquidity sources across other DEXes (i.e. Balancer).
  • Conditions Tokens Framework: A token minting mechanism that generates event-based tokens that are directly pegged to the outcome of an event.
  • GnosisDAO: GNO token holders can vote on treasury funds (150K ETH and 8MM GNO tokens as at time of writing). Movement of treasury funds will need to be approved by the GnosisDAO.
  • Gnosis Safe: A smart contract wallet running on Ethereum that requires a minimum number of signatories to approve a transaction before it can occur. Users can interact with web 3.0 applications and DeFi protocols directly from the Gnosis Safe platform using the WalletConnect Safe App.
  • Gnosis Auction: Similar to the traditional dutch auction model, however bidders can place limit orders at any time during the auction while waiting for the auction to reach their desired price. Gnosis Auction is live on Ethereum mainnet and xDai.

How To Buy Gnosis (GNO) Coin

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How Much is a Gnosis (GNO) Coin

Gnosis (GNO) coin prices are updated instantly in USD, Euro, Sterling currencies in the following table.

$ 263.02
Gnosis (GNO)

Gnosis (GNO) Coin Review

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