Where to Buy Hive (HIVE) Coin

What is Hive (HIVE) Coin

Hive is a decentralized information sharing network with an accompanying blockchain-based financial ledger built on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol. Hive supports many different types of information sharing applications. Myriad dapps, APIs and front-ends contribute to a general and straightforward accessibility of data, transactions and records, so that this existing diversity and utility ensure that the ecosystem is welcoming to content creators, consumers, investors and builders.

Hive is developed to store vast amounts of content and to make it available for time-based monetization. Examples of use include social media with monetized rewards for content producers, interactive games, identity management, polling systems, and micro-loans. The performance of the blockchain is designed to scale with widespread adoption of the currency and platforms in mind. By combining the lightning fast processing times and fee-less transactions, Hive is positioned to become one of the leading blockchain technologies used by people around the world.

  • Hive is a decentralized content network, powered by Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm.
  • Hive was forked from the Steem blockchain, after the Tron Foundation acquired Steem and gained control of the company’s funds in STEEM, which made up approximately 80% of the total STEEM supply. The fork is aimed to cope with the risks of centralization brought by this acquisition, as pro-Tron STEEM addresses were blacklisted and would not receive the HIVE token airdrop.
  • The Decentralized Hive Fund (“DHF”) allows users to suggest proposals, fund those proposals, and cast a vote for their preferred changes. The Fund is set up so that no single actor can have control over major changes.
  • The Hive platform offers many functionalities similar to those of Steem. The platform has two tokens: Hive (HIVE) and Hive-backed dollars (HBD). HIVE is used for unlocking a variety of different functionalities the platform offers, which HBD is used mainly as a method for rewards.

How To Buy Hive (HIVE) Coin

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How Much is a Hive (HIVE) Coin

Hive (HIVE) coin prices are updated instantly in USD, Euro, Sterling currencies in the following table.

$ 0.456581
Hive (HIVE)

Hive (HIVE) Coin Review

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