Where to Buy Request Network (REQ) Coin

What is Request Network (REQ) Coin

The Request (REQ) utility token, launched in 2017, ensures the performance and stability of the Request Network. The Request Network itself is an Ethereum-based decentralized payment system where anyone can request a payment and receive money through secure means. It removes the requirement for third parties in order to provide a cheaper, more secure payment solution that works with all global currencies.

When a user creates a request for payment, they define to which address the payment needs to be allocated and what the amount is. The user can also define the terms and conditions of the payment, upgrading a simple request into an invoice. Once this is completed, the user can share their request to be paid by their counterparty.

Every step is documented and stored on the Request network, allowing everyone involved to easily keep track of all the invoices and payments for accounting purposes.

Request is also integrated with legislation across the world to remain compliant with the trade laws of each individual country.

  • Request envisions a “global cooperative financial system“, where people and organizations are “in full control over their financial data and choices”. Put differently, the Request Protocol is an interface connecting siloed financial systems and enables users to request payments ranging from simple peer-to-peer payment requests to full business invoices.
  • Businesses who wish to integrate with Request Network can do so via: (1) a REST API, (2) running a network client, or (3) operating a network node.
  • REQ tokens currently act as a utility tokens, granting access to payment requests. Request Network further plans to require REQ stakes to operate nodes, embed governance rights into REQ and provide further discounts against REQ payment.
  • The underlying technology of Request Network is the Ethereum blockchain and a private IPFS network to store transaction data.

How To Buy Request Network (REQ) Coin

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How Much is a Request Network (REQ) Coin

Request Network (REQ) coin prices are updated instantly in USD, Euro, Sterling currencies in the following table.

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Request (REQ)

Request Network (REQ) Coin Review

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