Where to Buy TrueFi (TRU) Coin

What is TrueFi (TRU) Coin

TrueFi is a protocol for creating interest-bearing pools with a high APR for liquidity providers. TrueFi includes utility and rewards mechanisms using TrustTokens (TRU) and rewards participants for maintaining stable, high APRs. TRU is the native token of the TrueFi protocol and is used for: TrustToken holders ultimately have a say over who is a credible borrower in the prediction market.

TRU gives the holder the ability to rate credit for third parties. Through TRU credit rating, a permissionless system of credit can be built which operates purely through incentives. TRU owners have part ownership in building a new credit system.

  • TrueFi (TRU) is the ERC-20 native utility token of TrueFi, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol for uncollateralized lending.
  • TrueFi works in the following ways:
    • Lenders:
      • Add TrueUSD (TUSD) into a TrueFi pool to be used for lending, earning interest and farming TRU. Any unused capital is sent into the Curve protocol to maximize earnings.
    • Borrowers (e.g. OTC desks, exchanges, and other protocols):
      • Submit proposals to borrow capital from the pool. They submit the amount of capital they want, the % APY they are offering, the term, and the Ethereum address that will receive the loan capital if the proposal is approved.
      • Borrow funds from the TrueFi pool by submitting requests subject to approval by TRU stakers who vote on these proposals. Each vote exposes participating TRU holders to upside or downside based on if the loan ends up being successfully repaid. As such, TRU stakers are incentivized to vote carefully.
      • Borrowers must return the principal and interest on or before their respective loan terms expire. Delinquent borrowers will face legal action pursuant to the loan agreement signed.
  • In the future, TRU token holders will also be able to participate in protocol governance decisions to direct the future development direction of TrueFi.

How To Buy TrueFi (TRU) Coin

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How Much is a TrueFi (TRU) Coin

TrueFi (TRU) coin prices are updated instantly in USD, Euro, Sterling currencies in the following table.

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TrueFi (TRU)

TrueFi (TRU) Coin Review

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