Where to Buy Beefy.Finance (BIFI) Coin

What is Beefy.Finance (BIFI) Coin

Beefy.Finance is a yield farming optimizer on Binance Smart Chain which automates investment strategies utilizing liquidity pools. The platform helps investors to interact‌ ‌with‌ various yield‌ farming opportunities, ‌without‌ ‌having‌ ‌to‌ ‌constantly review and manually execute their investment strategy. The platform is constantly exploring new methods to optimize strategies to secure the largest yields available.

  • BIFI is the BEP-20 native governance token of the platform and has the following use cases:
    • Governance: By holding BIFI, either staked in the governance pool or BIFI Maxi Vault, users have the right to create proposals and votes. Users do not need to un-stake their tokens to participate in the voting process.
    • Staking: A portion of the fees paid by Beefy.Finance yield farming vault users is distributed to BIFI token holders staked in the governance pool and the BIFI Maxi Vault. Rewards are paid out in wBNB and BIFI respectively.
  • The protocol consists of the following major components:
    • Vaults: Vaults are investment instruments that employ a specific set of strategies for yield farming. They automatically invest and reinvest deposited funds, which help to achieve high levels of compounded interest.
    • Strategies: Vault strategies are modular smart contracts that tell the vaults what assets to farm, and where to sell the farmed assets. Rewards are regularly harvested, swapped for the original vault asset, and deposited again for compound farming.
    • Barn of Trust: Barn of Trust provides users the opportunity to earn rewards in several dApp projects by staking TWT or BIFI in the vaults.
    • Please click here for more details of the token distribution.
  • As of March 16th 2021, the total supply of BIFI is 80,000 and the current circulating supply is 95%.

How To Buy Beefy.Finance (BIFI) Coin

1.Step: Everyone who is planning to invest in or benefit from the advantages of cryptocurrencies wonders the answer to Where to buy Bifi coin question. First, you need an online wallet to buy cryptocurrencies. You need to sign up to Binance exchange from here, which is preferred globally to buy coins and you can buy coins with fiat currencies. You can quickly access many assets and trade types such as altcoins, future markets, and margin by creating a Binance account.

2.Step: Complete your registration by typing an email to the email section or typing your phone number on the section available on the mobile tab. Click/tap on the “Buy Crypto with Your Credit Card” option after the registration and verify your identity.

3.Step: Continue the process by typing the amount you would like to invest and your preferred cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that for security reasons, your credit card/debit cardholder information must match with the name available on your account. If you would like to buy cryptocurrencies with a wire transfer, you need to follow the Buy Crypto > Third-Party Payment options to pick your preferred fiat currency to buy cryptocurrencies.

4.Step: If the cryptocurrency you are planning to buy is not available on the list, buy USDT “You can always redeem 1 USDT Coin for US $1.00”. You can buy any coin you want with USDT by following Buy-Sell > Classic steps. We have provided the answer to How to buy Beefy.Finance coin, now you can view the cryptocurrencies you bought by clicking on the wallet summary available on your Binance account. You can sell your assets when their value increases, or you can withdraw them to your bank account in desired fiat currency.

How Much is a Beefy.Finance (BIFI) Coin

Beefy.Finance (BIFI) coin prices are updated instantly in USD, Euro, Sterling currencies in the following table.

$ 843.56
Beefy.Finance (BIFI)

Beefy.Finance (BIFI) Coin Review

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